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Maria Maria – Konkani Song – Mog Ani Maipas

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Maria Maria – Konkani Song – Mog Ani Maipas

Song: Maria Maria

Singer: Wilfy Rebimbus

Movie: Mog Ani Maipas

Mog Ani Maipas - Konkani Movie
Mog Ani Maipas – Konkani Movie

 Lyrics: Maria Maria

Maria.. Maria..

Thuzo mog maaka Maria
Vornunk zaina poriyaanth
Mujea andhkaaranthlya jivithaanth
Thum donparancha suriya

Zor maaka mujea devaan
Ek borpi zaavn rochlo
Mogaa thukaach vornunk
Ek granth likhtho aslom

Thuzo haath ghenvk maankaa
Saath dariyo uthron aailaam
Thujem mugdh roop saalkaa
Kaalzaanth mujea khonchlaam ||2||

Kaalzaanth mujea khonchlaam
Zor maaka mujea devaan
Ek shilpi zaavn rochlo
Rupnem thujench kaanthovn
Araadhaan kortho aslom

Thuzo mog maaka kithlo
Nahin tho mezunk zaanvcho
Hyaa jivaak thaanktha thithlo
Thuka maathr haanvem dhinvcho ||2||

Thuka maathr haanvem dhinvcho
Zor maaka mujea devaan
Thuzo novro zaavn rochlo
Morthaa paasun mogaa
Thuzo mog kortho aslom

About Movie: Mog Ani Maipas

Late Wilfy Rebimbus had written the story and composed the music for this film, produced by Capt Merwyn Pinto and directed by N L R Sahyadri in the year 1977.

”˜Mog ani Moipas”™ a celluloid film for the big screen, was released in Goa, Mangalore and many other parts.
This was a story of two lovers, poor girl and rich boy but here the villain was the boy”™s rich mother who objects to her son”™s choice. Good sense did prevail in the end but at a great cost.
Cast: Ozzy Sequeira, Mick-Max, Lynn Fernandes, Diana Fernandes, Edward Quadros, Dr S J Monteiro, Nalin Kumar, John Pereira besides other actors.

Filmed in picturesque Mangalore, the best part of the presentation was the music and the beautiful songs, all great hits and enjoyed even today.

Songs and singers from Mog Ani Maipas Konkani film

 Movie :
Mog Ani Maipas Singers
Production Date1977 –
Music ByUpendra Kumar, Madras
Song – 1Maria maria
Wilfy Rebimbus
Song – 2Ani Maka Na Kain UneWilfy-Meena
Song – 3Mog Thuzo Kithlo AsheloP.B. Srinivas
Song – 4Happy ChristmasWilfy-Meena & Chorus


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